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Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
I hate to link to this but if you've ever read it you'll know she doesn't seem to give a fuck about her own kids anyway.
I'd disagree. she's clearly not a touchy feely mummy but the fact she as back-up nannies to make sure it's always someone who knows the children and fetches in a regular tutor to give the kids an advantage at their no doubt already high fee school would indicate that she does care.

The way shes phrased it makes her sound like a bit of a witch, but it's almost as though shes trying to get a bite out of it.

The underlying point is a good one. Really, what is she doing wrong? Is she not allowed to be a successful woman with a career?

And why is it her responsibility to look after the kids, and her being neglectful, and not her husband? Surely this day and age the same rules should apply for both parents.

She seems like an utterly horrendous excuse for a human being, but to attack her love of her children for choosing a career is a bit 1980's.
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