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There's not a lot to tell is there? Especially with it being a wet session yesterday. I noticed Lewis was super optimistic after being massively pessimistic the day before. He's clearly nuts.

I love the look of the new Williams, but I don't think it will make too much difference for their results next season. They're stepping into the unknown with Pastor and Bottas (who looks a bit chunky to be a F1 driver). Maybe Pastor will get consistent - who knows.

Sad to see Heikki scrabbling for a drive at Marussia because a pay driver's sponsorship has fallen through. He is far better than that. Force India should have gone for him - he's better than Sutil and hasn't had a year out.

Up front, I think Hamilton showed that if there are levelling conditions, he has the talent to get a race win or two. The Ferrari was looking hopeless in Alonso's hands, getting lateral around corners, and Red Bull are looking like they'll keep their momentum going.

I think Jenson is going to be really strong this year.
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