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VAR and the Stockley Park knobheads are all shite.
Essentially we're going from refs making tight decisions in actual play and getting some of those wrong... but still in the spirit of the game in front of them... to ... technology ludites watching a massive screen, drawing inaccurate lines to prove their point rather than being objective... and then also backtracking a full phase of play to see a handball from one team due to the hand of the other team... but ignoring it because they'd look like dickheads to give us a freekick when we actually scored from the resulting passage of play.

VAR may be technically correct on some occasions - but the human line drawing, inaccurate point of ball contact, elbow/sleeve/armpit/fingernail/hip, etc makes it prone to errors too... and then there's the interpretation of the rules by the knobheads in Stockley Park into the earpiece of the ref who equally is clueless about the latest version 23.3 Thursday offside rule, which came in halfway through the season...

Then we all stand around for a few minutes waiting for the inevitable and VAR disallowing or allowing a goal/decision, by which time the fans have all started tweeting about how shit VAR is...

Son's goal last night I could see it being given... it was pretty damned close to being a good goal, so I would accept a ref's call. What I don't accept it pulling a goal back for a handball that was initiated by the Spurs handball... and giving Spurs a freekick.

Until it can be as black and white as the goal line technology, then it'll always be flawed and prone to human error and misinterpretation. So what's the point of having it??

It's fucking ludicrous.

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