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The best a man can get?
Well with the collapse of the DIC deal, the internet and phone-ins have gone into meltdown. If you listen to some naysayers we’re on the verge of bankruptcy and will be relegated next season.

Some seem concerned that Gillett’s people have completed “due dilligence” in just three days, but the true story is he’s been looking at our books for ages, not just the last three days. The initial examination only stopped when DIC came forward with what looked (initially) like a better proposal.

Gillett was at the Community Shield game in Cardiff in August to see us beat Chelsea before flying up to speak to the club the day after. His people were then at the club for a number of days at the start of November and then later on the same month looking at contracts etc and around that time he was considered favourite to takeover the club, ahead of both DIC and the John Miskelly consortium.

All this seems to have been forgotten in the rush to embrace DIC and Sheikh Mohammed’s vast resources.

Gillett’s sporting record also seems to have been glibly dismissed. Not only did he own a substantial share of the Miami Dolphins at one stage but also made a fortune out of the Harlem Globetrotters. He bought and then built Vail ski resort into the massive success it is today twice taking the World Skiing Championships there. He achieved this by investing heavily in the facilities in the same way LFC needs to do with the new stadium

Gillett was also the driving force (if you excuse the pun) in taking motor racing back to the streets of Denver and he has owned the Montreal Canadiens, who are the NHL equivalent of Liverpool in terms of prestige and success, since 2001.

This is no naive US businessman. Was he bankrupt once? Yes but then many successful businessman have been. His company got caught up in the massive hike in interest rates in the very early 90s after the junk bond scandal - this caught out many people at the time. Since then he’s totally rebuilt his wide and varied business empire, though still resolutely refuses to invest in razors.

Before condemning all and sundry on the Liverpool board, isn’t it wise to hear what Gillett has to offer? And possibly what DIC didn’t?

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