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Originally Posted by Parm View Post
agree, dont know who the villain of this all is. Is it DIC Parry Gillet? Is there a villain or any heros?
Personally - being a very cynical sort of person after yesterday's bizarre nonsense - if I had to look for a villain it would be Steve Morgan. We know he and Moores are enemies. I wonder if Morgan has been feeding Gillett with stuff about the DIC deal and between them they spotted an opening last week. For sure it seems odd that Gillett came in at this late stage - or an example of amazing brinkmanship. If he's so keen why didn't he come in earlier? And 3 days to complete Due Diligence - unheard of!

To be fair to Gillett he reputedly is hands-off when buying a business so there's no suggestion just yet that Moores would go and Morgan be instated. But you have to say Morgan's been very quiet of late - why? - and Gilllett could do with his money.

This is all speculation. Maybe Morgan has no part in the shenanigans. Maybe he is actually a far better bet to run and manage LFC than Moores and Parry and we need him.Who knows. Well we don't - that's for sure. At this stage I am trying very hard not to blame Moores as I have always thought he only wants the best for the Club.

But there's a rat in there somewhere. Amidst all the emotion and knee-jerk on here, there's something which simply does not add up.
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