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Originally Posted by anfieldanfield View Post
I admire the eternally optimisitic RAWK writers, they do tend to put a good spin on everything.

But one minute we're being told by Parry the DIC deal is almost done and 'will take us to the next level'.

The next we're being told, actually Moores prefered Gillett all along.

I just dont buy it. Not for a second.

I'm not saying the yank wont be good for the club, I am saying I think he was very much the backup choice.

I also don't understand why it would have been wrong with a quick 12 hour decision? Our board already knew everything about the bid from DIC so why delay any decision even longer?
Just believe and you never know what will happen.

According to Benitez it's important not simply to go out to win but to go out prepared to win, which means players have to put in the same level of work on a daily basis. Anything else is unacceptable.
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