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Originally Posted by Jaco_Pastorious View Post
Think the only thing wrong with Gears 5 was the legacy it had to live up to.

Same game with a different title is actually a decent game. That said I would love another game set in the classic Gears era, maybe even a game of one of the Karen Travis books that act as prequels/bridges between games.
Perhaps it would have been serviceable, however would have been for a different demographic.

Given youíve mentioned Travis, youíve clearly a good knowledge of the universe. I donít think you can divorce the game from its prior context. For me the story, tone, art direction, characters and gameplay betrayed all that. They prostituted a well-formed universe with its own unique flavour and gravity and turned it into something colourful garish, overtly derivative and jokey to attract new players in doing so completely invalidated not only the game but spoiled the universe and its themes. Itís the Last Jedi of games.
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