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Originally Posted by red g View Post
Okolie was pretty impressive at the weekend.

It was a good win over Głowacki, and one in which he looked quite tidy at times, but I think it was a win that showed that Okolie would be better served staying at cruiserweight rather than the rumoured move to heavyweight after he gets a shot at one of the bigger Cruiserweight belts.

Glowacki is a decent and durable rather than top level crusier and it was a good KO win for Okolie, but he looks to have good crusierweight power rather than the sort of power that would bother a good heavyweight. Then again I may have made an arguement for him in my last post with regards of the current lack of quality in the heavyweight division, so maybe he could well move up and be matched cleverly so that he gets put into the title mix at heavyweight.
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