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Originally Posted by Exiled_red View Post
I'm probably on my own here but the mistake (for the 3rd) aside I thought he had a decent game.Yes he was naive at times but there was some good defending in there too, there were at least a couple of big blocks, clearances and challenges that denied Madrid more opportunities. If we are ranking players from best to worst for me he's somewhere in the middle (perhaps that's generous I don't know) but IMO there were at least 3 or 4 of our senior players who had worse games than him, that said no-one had a good game. But the form of all of the guys in midfield and Mane plus one or two others is more of a concern to me at the moment
I agree but it showed that he was clearly out of his depth - pace and movement kill him. Again I repeat this is not his fault as he was t expected to play these games - he had no protection from midfield and Kabak beside him was a bit better but not great either.

He’s a great lad but this idea of keeping him as our 4th CB isn’t working for me. There should be no room for sentiment and we might get a few quid for him in the summer.
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