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Originally Posted by Irishnev View Post
I agree but it showed that he was clearly out of his depth - pace and movement kill him. Again I repeat this is not his fault as he was t expected to play these games - he had no protection from midfield and Kabak beside him was a bit better but not great either.

Heís a great lad but this idea of keeping him as our 4th CB isnít working for me. There should be no room for sentiment and we might get a few quid for him in the summer.

His biggest weakness for me is not his lack of pace. For me it is his reading of the game. Time after time against lesser teams he goes on trots out of position but we tend to get away with it more often than not and he just trots back, but last night he did it against quality players and it was punished.

He had no help at all from senior players that played even worse than him last night, but he is a stop gap until the summer and nothing else. Been my opinion on him when he came into the team and nothing has changed.

However even though he is not good enough at a higher level, the one thing I will give him credit for is the fact he would keep dusting himself down and trying.

Mad thing is that again last night he reminded me so much of an 80 million pound defender who is also pretty crap when it comes to positioning and prone to looking clumsy/slow on the ball. Think he should be looking at Maguire and thinking to himself that he could have a decent PL career in a more defensive minded team.
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