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Originally Posted by Zapater View Post
Not sure if anyone watched that, but a fantastic victory from India. Outstanding to win a series away like that. With half of their squad either against a good Australian bowling attack. Pujara has been incredible, he may be the last elite player of his kind, which is sad because we wouldn't have these 5 day tests without players them. He let Pant show off his maverick qualities at the end to win it. I hope this inspires players to play test cricket properly, instead of like T20. Tests that actually last 5 days are so great, hate the 2 and a half day trend that is becoming far too common an occurrence.

Watershed moment for subcontinental cricket. This India are playing brave and aggressive cricket like their western counterparts. Obviously their bowlers aren't as fast, but they're much brisker than before, their fielding is aggressive and they play to win in foreign conditions. Their win in the Wanderers a couple years ago was pretty massive after getting battered by SA in the first 2 tests, but saving the last test and winning this at the Gabba is something else. Test cricket isn't in the best state with a very mediocre NZ team currently topping the rankings, it's possible that this India team could dominate moving forward if they can match this kind of performances away moving forward.

Through the night here so not really viable after the first hour or so but I'm going to catch up with the highlights shortly.

Incredible result as you say especially 4 first choice players down, one of whom is Kohli and testament to their spirit and belief. As we play them next, hopefully it won't last
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