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Originally Posted by BobTheCharmer View Post
Goal ruled out in West brom game and var didn't have cameras in right place to rule in or out. Fucking joke.

Why can't everyone not watch football until it's kicked out. Easy.
Just watched that on Sky, and as they can't say for sure from the picture available (for all they know, the WBA player could have his arse sticking out and they only use that one camera for decisions) they have stuck with the onfield decision. In my mind, this is fine, a decision was made, and because there is no 'definitive' proof otherwise, they have stuck with it. That is how it should be done.

The freeze framing when a ball leaves the foot stuff, and the lines being so close it comes down to millimeters, well that is where they should either follow the example above by sticking with the onfield call, or have a carte-blanche 'attacker gets the benefit' in all cases.

I think next year may see a mash up or the Dutch league (fixed line widths) and sticking with the onfield call. Will be so much cleaner and efficient.
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