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Originally Posted by Cormack74 View Post
And so to part 2.

As a neutral Sco v Wal was really enjoyable. I do find it a little weird though that 2 teams who looked so bereft of attacking ability in the Autumn both now look so potent.

Ali P actually did ok this week (not sure if it's just the 'one swallow' thing but anyway ) and his chip through for the try was a clever piece of play.

Scotland seem much more at home with their game plan and at times their phases were as good as you'll see. Even after ZF's sending off they looked like a top rugby team with belief in what they were doing and how they were doing it. Not sure if that's all come from the one game against England or a general evolution and backed up by guys like Hogg and Gray playing for a top team now?

The sending off was obviously pivotal or at least appeared to be although the penalty at the very end could have gone either way. At least it appeared that way. A camera angle from the other side would have been far more useful in determining it.

The sending off was a bit 50:50 although on balance probably the right call if the IRB want to be consistent in the message they send out. It certainly ticked the the Law 9.20 rule boxes as a sending off offence.

I've always though ZF is a bit prone to entering rucks recklessly and there was just no point to what he did - even if he hadn't connected with WJ. I agree Karl Dickson did offer a word of caution (a bit ironic for anyone who has ever seen Karl Dickson referee ) but what probably didn't help the cause was the fact that Jones fell back clutching his head.

Anyhow it makes the 6N more interesting (I know that won't make you feel any happier Buzzo), they'll just need to go and get a result in France which I think they're actually capable of if they stick to what they've done well so far.
Yeah, that is pretty fair also. We were good,, Wales stayed in the game. The try before half time for them was massive.

The sending off changed the game, I think we would have won without it, and came very close anyway. I felt it was a bit harsh. Jones lifted his head just as Fagerson hit, which made it look worse. I think the thing that worked against Fagerson was how far he came in from, but I must admit it looked like a yellow to me. If these are going to get given as reds, we will start to see a lot more reds given, or a fundamental change to clear outs and rucks (which is I suppose the intention).

If that was a red, then Darcy Graham was taken out in the air by 1/2p and Williams was lucky with some leading elbows.

Scotland wise, I think we are seeing an evolution. The realisation after the World Cup was that we cant just play teams off the pitch throwing the ball around. Our kicking has improved immesurably, meaning we are playing with the ball in the right areas. We do have more strength indepth, but you could see the gaps yesterday. Jamie Ritchie was a big miss the step down from him to Blade Thomson was massive, then he went off and Gary Graham came on with top billing and gave away continual pens. I wonder what has happened to Sam Skinner? He can fill in on the back row. Our line out was exceptional against England and was back to mediocre yesterday.

We look so powerful though, and I hope we can keep this level of focus and control. It was a sore defeat, mainly because we played really well. Hogg is playing as well as he ever has, and the forwards are giving the backs good ball (Price was great!) Russell is playing smart Rugby and his kicking game is immense.

It should be a good game vs the French. Just watching the game vs Ireland and it was very scruffy in the last 20. A lot off effort going in though. France look great, but, there will be opportunities. And, are they an 80 minute team?

Could be similar to Twickenham and the lack of crowd could help us. Dupont is immense though, I love watching him play.
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