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Increasingly seeing comparisons and debates re Firmino and Berkgamp. I don't think he's quite as good as him, but Christ he's brilliant.

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Donald Buzzworth
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That is outrageous. How do you even get the ball to do that...

I agree with Bergkamp comparisons. I think in some ways Bergkamp was possibly more effective and decisive in and around the box, but they have a similar approach to the game. Seeing things no one else does.

In terms of fighting for the ball playing as a 'defensive' 9, I think Bobby is peerless.
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Thatís piece of skill is outrageous. The Bergkamp comparison is valid.
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Incredible attitude to try something like that & the beauty of Bobby is that IF that doesn’t come off & we loose possession he would more than likely win it back within seconds hey. Outrageous talent.
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Love Bobby, he is an absolute joy to watch. That take down in the box only to be denied by a last ditch flying clearance before he volleyed it in the net. He’s blessed with skills

VVD has stated Bobby is the bestest player. Bobby, Mo and Sadio, but mainly Bobby have made our defence better during training sessions. Imagine having to face Bobby on a daily basis on a football pitch!
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