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Dressed up as Batman?
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Originally Posted by knockers View Post
Is he really? Someone should tell him to stop talking about Manuire or Red nose the.
Nah he's a Woking fan and also supposedly Arsenal.
I am a member of Supergrass now
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Liver Bird
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Neil Young
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Merson. Gray. Everyone on telly tonight.
Suppose you have a physicist and a sociologist standing at the side of a field, observing a set of events unfolding on the field. The physicist does [describes] it using the terminology of mass and velocity and frequency of radiation and the rest. And the sociologist does it by describing it as a rugby match.

May the Lord bless this post.
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Ant Pisser
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Anyone notice the BBC has started doing Q&A sessions on its website with some of its reporters / writers / "experts"?

A bunch of goons from the internet earnestly asking them questions for which they have no better answers than the rest of us.

Look at these!

Faisal Khan: Is Mauricio Pochettino likely to take over come the end of the season?

It is possible - whether it is likely, I don't know.


Manjeevan Cheema: Do you believe Ole would be a suitable director of football?

Not sure about that Manjeevan.


Tom Gold: Can you explain why Manchester United gave Phil Jones a new deal? I feel bad for him but you have to question that decision. Would the team miss him if he was sold?

I can't really explain it Tom, no.


Seriously? Our licence fee is paying for this nonsense.
Oh I don't know.
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