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Paletta speaks!

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Liver Bird
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I must say this waiting thirty seconds to post annoys me
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Hope you don't mind me cut and pasting it mate:

Argentinian defender Gabriel Paletta was yesterday unveiled as a Liverpool player and immediately gave his first interview to the club's official website. How excited are you to be a Liverpool player?

Gabriel Paletta: It's obviously a very proud moment for me. Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in Europe and I'm coming here to try and add something to the squad of players they already have. My objective is to work hard, to listen to the staff and to improve as much as I can as quickly as I can.

What are your early impressions of your new training facilities at Melwood?
The facilities are great and everything you need is here. There are clubs back home in Argentina with good conditions for training but this is special at Liverpool.

How big a decision is it to move from Argentina to Liverpool at such a young age?

It's a big step for me but I know it's the right decision and now I am going to wait patiently for my first chance to play for Liverpool. I know it's a big move to come to a country so far away but I want to be successful in football and it's not every day a club like Liverpool says they want to sign you.

Are you a fan of Premiership football?

Yes, definitely. I've always watched the English games on the television and I know about the teams and the players. It's exciting for me now to come and be involved in it.

What do you know about Liverpool?

It's a great club with a great history and a great set of players. On a personal level I know I'm also moving to a country with a different language and that's something I'll have to adapt to straightaway. I've a lot of work ahead of me to force my way into the manager's plans but I'm prepared to bide my time and then I'll take any chances that come my way with both hands.

Are you confident your game will suit the Premiership?

I think I have the right qualities but that's something I'm going to have to prove in training to the manager. Hopefully when he sees what I can do in training he'll give me an opportunity in the first eleven.
I don't really like to talk too much about myself and start saying what I can do on the field, but I would say that I'm someone who can adapt to many situations and I can't wait to show the supporters what my game is all about.

The manager has said you're a player in the Jamie Carragher mould - what do you know about Carra?

I know he's a fantastic player who is well liked by the supporters. I'll be watching him closely in training because I'm sure he's a player I can learn a lot from. I want to emulate what he has achieved and have that same bond with the fans.

Which other players are you familiar with at Liverpool?

Obviously Steven Gerrard is well known all over the world because he is such a great player. Sami Hyypia is also a player I admire greatly because he has done such a good job at the top level for so many years. The thing I have noticed during my first week at the club is that the team spirit here is brilliant and I'm sure that's something which is going to stand us in good stead for the rest of the season.

How impressed have you been by Rafa Benitez so far?

He's a very knowledgeable man who clearly has a vision for the club. As soon as I arrived he told me exactly what was required of me and what I needed to do in order to get a first team chance. I will work every day to make that happen. The manager's record is first class and it's an honour for me to be a part of his plans and to be someone he wanted to bring to the club.

Are you a player for the future or the present?

At the moment I need to wait for my opportunity because the team is well formed in terms of personnel, but I want to make progress at Liverpool and that means playing games. I am a player for the future but I want to get the ball rolling pretty quickly.

How confident are you that you'll have a successful career with Liverpool?

I'm very confident. I know this sort of chance doesn't come along for every young footballer and so I'm determined to make the most of it. I'm very ambitious and want to win things in the game and I believe I'm in the best place to do that. I just can't wait to start playing now.
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Originally Posted by Tokey1
I must say this waiting thirty seconds to post annoys me
Sorry, but it has to be there. Its "Flood Control." It prevents someone been able to crash the database by bombarding the board with posts.

You'll get used to it
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Does Paletta speaks good english??
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