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Originally Posted by Roboklopp View Post
Thatís sad.

He's moved to Derby now, just seen it posted in the Where are they now thread. Hopefully he has his depression under control now and a new start will help him
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It is sad but it's also good news and I hope he can remain happy and out of depression.
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He still has the potential to be a premierleague player, he can do some incredible things like beat a couple of players in spaces where you don't think it's really possible.

Unfortunately he hasn't been able to do the simple stuff as well in his senior career to date e.g simple finishing but that can be improved.

There's a reason this club put a buy back clause in his contract even if it now looks like it may never be activated.

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Because we're savvy enough to cover all bases?
Hello mert.
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He went for 15m. At the time we were all thinking "wow....that's a great fee recouped for a player that wasn't ever going to be a first choice here" - and we were right!!!

However, I thought that he would have a PL career at somewhere like Villa or Newcastle by now. He is still young enough to turn it around and a ear or two in the championship might be the first steps to that turn-around.

15m is crazy alright though - we bought Thiago for a little bit more!!!
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