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"Pints and Pool"

Tell your stories, share your media, your photos, your love!

EDIT ABOVE ^^^^: I forgot I'm a copywriter and went on a ramble, so I made a headline for everyone to get it *instantly*

So having thoroughly hijacked the JŁrgen Klopp thread, and considering I haven't finished posting there, I decided to create a Public House Liverpool Thread.

It's basically where anyone who's got any tears to shed, any love for the club, any videos that make them weep, any rant when yer dr*a*nk, to post any old ramblings. Any reminiscent nostalgia videos, any types of discussion is permissible here.

So whenever you've had a drink, and you decide to talk all things Liverpool (club/city/humans/aliens/gutters/trees, anything L4) post it here!
(frank the tank, you are MIGHTILY welcome to tell of ALL YOUR STORIES from shagging turnips and pumpkins and lasses and ladettes in Liverpool, get a few bevvies down ya, roar the mighty Corck (see what I did there?!) and go for it).

I want this to be the Fans' fans' thread. Where drunken sailors post whatever late-night drivel they can come up with.

For the record, it was all inspired by Shaggz' posting about his getting randomly drunk watching random nostalgic love-videos about LFC, seeing as the international break is on and there's women's football on today and fuck all else. No offense, but it's not stirring my loins either. So I decided to get drunk also (or was it the otehr way round?! Who knobe!)

It's basically inspired by the first few pages of the Klopp thread, where he signs, 35000 fans were tracking his plane, and grown up men started masturbating unabashedly. I admit, so did I. So great memories of our time with this club shall be posted here, all mediums permitted.

Share your wildest photos, your wildest videos, things that inspired you, made you soil your pants, explode your manly tear ducts, anything you fancy.

Make sure of one thing, get the Johnny Cash on, fill up the jar, swig some, and share all your stories!

Here's a go:

Look at the Alexander Arnold Family. And look at TAA's bro's tears, running down his face!

For the record:

Every thread I've created on here over the past 13 years has turned to shit, so I'm just going to keep drinking and keep this motherfucker alive on page 1 and til every last human has shot themselves in the head So FUCK YOU!

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