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Originally Posted by Jaco_Pastorious View Post
Would love to know what that is based on other than it being a lazy throwaway comment made when a person does not have a clue what they are on about but want to sound like they do.

His error leading to goals numbers have been very very low right back to when he was at Schalke and without going to check I would be confident that his errors leading to goal scoring chances numbers are stupidly low as well.
Of course it was lazy and throwaway. Just like the other comments about pace and mistakes. Also agree with others' points that VvD has given me more jitters so far than Matip.

I think everyone's seen the highlights where Lukaku rolled Matip ONCE and based his whole career around it.
It's Kloppering time!
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I love him.

Simple as!
I love Sarah
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Originally Posted by brightred View Post
I love him.

Simple as!
Yeah.....both him and Fab. There's more meat on a butchers pencil than the pair of them. Skin and bones and tough as hell
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Daddy day care
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Originally Posted by Assassin View Post
Yeah.....both him and Fab. There's more meat on a butchers pencil than the pair of them. Skin and bones and tough as hell
Lean beef
removing all the weak links makes us stronger

too many gutless players, no beef or desire. pussies everywhere... sack them all, but not VVD or Alisson
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