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Originally Posted by Lee View Post

I see that cunt Matt Forde has just clocked in. The prick.
What have you got against him? I've met and chatted to him and he's a lovely bloke to be honest
Sack swinging like Dub-D40 on a door hinge
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Chunder camel
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It's no secret that I actually enjoy listening to TalkSport.

Alan Brazil, Hawksbee & Jacobs, Drive with Durham, Sportsbar... and the old Ian Collins and George Galloway shows.

Porky Parry.

I love the original Fonejacker too, especially Terry Tibbs.

But this Terry Tibbs on Talksport at 10pm is absolutely shit. It's terrible. Just listening to it for the first time and I'd rather listen to Georgie Bingham having a burp.

I like Party Gran Belsay. She's lovely. She's a lovely woman.
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Donald Buzzworth
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Pathetic. Talk about an inflated sense of self importance?

Parallels with the White House FFS.
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