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piss poor joke

A fella is stood having a piss when in comes another man and stands by him at the urinal

As this other man starts to piss he sprays it all over the show

" What the fuck !! "

" Sorry mate. I play darts and when I put them away in my pocket after a match I think they must stab my old man causing this problem "

The man passes him a card " Here mate, go see this man "

" Cheers, is he a doctor ? "

" No, he plays the clarinet, he'll show you how to hold the fuckin thing !! "

Keep this quiet
if you carefully grind off the edges of a 50p coin you can use it as a 10p

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Liver Bird
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....things a bit on the slow side for you today Tufts


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Guy goes into the doctor's office and tells him he has a cricket ball up his ass.
"Hows that?" says the doc.
"Dont you start"
"These stories have as much relation to the truth as an egg to a chestnut." - Racing Santander President Francisco Pernia
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