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World Cup Fantasy Football

Est league

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Liver Bird
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Where the bloody hell are ya?
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Good stuff mate! I have joined up.

It's a tricky one to do this year. So hard to pick cheap players and also hard to know if its worth going after Neymar/Ronaldo/Messi.
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I think we should end it now. Afterall the league table does not lie
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Dressed up as Batman?
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I've just joined but it seems my lad has already picked a team, named it and that's the one entered ffs. I'll have to use another email address and get mine in.
That were absolute diabolical
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Randy Marsh
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Im in
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Types slowly
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I'm in
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I'm in also
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Originally Posted by Liverpool View Post
Had already registered with work and joined a league but I put in that code and it gives me an error. Anyone else got the same issue?
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